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360 Restaurant Services.....

understands general maintenance needs of a restaurants daily operations are key questions to ask your service company, if they dont know the importance of maintaining your equipment to reduce downtime, then maybe your using the wrong service. Tired of the high cost of parts ? Join our parts program and save on all parts. 

Serving Downtown Dallas, DFW Airport and the Metroplex ensures if you have mulitple locations we have you covered. Don't forget we buy old useable restaurant equipment, also contact us for all your new and used equipment needs.

*Sales install and service of some equipment are thru 3rd party approved vendors..




Walk-in coolers/freezers have to maintain certain temps all the time in order for your restaurant to comply with state health regulations. Merchandise coolers are a great way to add to your bottom line, but can be a headache if not maintained properly. Ice machine bin not full ? Maybe its time for a 360 Repair.

Our trusted service techs have been trained in fast paced enviroments, and know the value and importance of refrigeration. Give us a call to discuss your cold storage needs. We'll even buy your old useable refrigeration equipment CASH !


One of the most important parts of your facility is COMFORT. If your restaurant is hot and smokey year after year then call 360 Repair. We diagnose the problem, and fix it right the first time.​ From your vent-a-hood to 5 ton condensing units - we can keep your customers in COMFORT while dining in your restaurant.

Proper heat transfer is key to cooling your space down. If you are not satisfied with your A/C man then give us a call for a free comfort check.

Cooking Equipment

Gas or electric cooking equipment must be maintained in order to cook your meals to perfection. 360 Repair services all major brands. We work with local and online part suppliers to ensure you have the correct part with minimal down time.

360 Repair offers an equipment upgrade program. We'll buy your old useable cooking equipment CASH!. We also sell and install slightly used equipment. We stock used equipment from all major restaurant brands.


Leaking plumbing around sinks and hot water heaters are a breeding ground for roaches. Don't let your customers encounter this problem in your restaurant.

360 Repair fixes leaks of hot or cold plumbing. We install hot water heaters, and will even add new water lines for your space planning needs.​


360 Repair offers 24hr Emergency Service for plumbing related issues.(Applicable fees for service after 10pm)


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